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Varthinogianni Bridge at Aradena, Sfaxia, south coast of Chania region.

This was shot nearing midday, proving you can get great diagonals outside of the golden hour.

Crete ! wow. All professional photographers and some keen amateurs know that light is key to getting the best images from a shoot.

Many of the Greek islands have good light but Crete, being the furthest south has great light. You can take model portraits on a beach on Christmas Day ! Crete rivals Santorini for its sunsets but no island comes close to Crete for the brilliant sunrises which inspired Homer whilst writing the Iliad.

Photography can be tricky in demanding conditions. Many clients want large file images nowadays.

The internet may be king but the glossy magazine holds sway over the older generation. That means your images need to be crisp, sharp and well exposed to suit the content of the image. To ensure we get the correct outcome, we like to process and develop our own digital images, that's why we shoot in RAW and use a good software to process the image. The right software can get you images like below. 

The picture below is of the mountain village of Lakki on the road to Omalos plain from Chania. The church is beautiful, picked out in the evening light during early winter. Houses on the northern slopes have their woodburners lit and smoke rises through the trees. The snow is just starting to appear on the upper reaches of the White Mountains, Lefka Ori in Greek. The infrastructure to this part of Crete has greatly improved over the past five years and the village enjoys a new tarmacadam road from Chania. This is the main road from Chania to the Samaria Gorge.

I hope you have as much enjoyment browsing through my photographs of Crete as I did taking them. I

fell in love with the place when I first set foot in 2005. We finally moved to the island in 2010 and I will

never regret the move.

Terry Bridge.